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Weigh Right Linear Scale

Equipment Specifications

Weigh Right Automatic Scale Co.
iQ-Shuttle SP
Serial Number

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The Weigh Right Linear Scale, specifically the Model iQ-SHUTTLE SP, represents a pinnacle of precision and reliability in the field of weighing technology. Manufactured by Weigh Right Automatic Scale Co., this used linear scale is designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in bulk and dribble weighing applications. The system incorporates an infeed hopper equipped with a Syntron Model BF-2-B magnetic feeder, which seamlessly feeds into a Syntron Model BF-3 magnetic feeder, ensuring continuous and controlled product flow.

At the heart of the iQ-SHUTTLE SP are (2) VPG Transducers model 9010 damped load cells, which deliver high-precision weight measurements. The control panel, powered by a Panasonic FP-X PLC, offers intuitive operation and easy integration into existing production lines. With its serial number 2020-0027 and operating on 1/3/60/240 Volt, this linear scale system is a testament to Weigh Right’s commitment to quality and innovation in weighing solutions.

Ideal for a variety of industries looking to improve their weighing processes, the Weigh Right Model iQ-SHUTTLE SP Linear Scale combines robust construction with cutting-edge technology, ensuring accurate and efficient operation for bulk and dribble applications.

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