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Pearson Model CE25 Hot Glue Case Erector

Equipment Specifications

Pearson Packaging Systems
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The 2019 Pearson Case Erector Model CE25 represents the pinnacle of efficiency in automated case erecting, offering the precision of the Nordson PROBlue 7 Hot Glue System for secure sealing at speeds up to 25 cases per minute. Engineered with advanced Allen Bradley controls for enhanced operation and safety, this used unit is ideal for high-volume environments demanding consistent performance. With its wide case size range and safety features like Lexan doors with interlocks, the CE25 is a robust addition to any packaging line looking for reliability and speed. Perfect for businesses aiming to elevate their packaging efficiency with proven technology: This machine is ready to integrate and drive productivity.

  • Model Number CE25
  • Serial Number 2019CE2500586
  • Manufacturer: Pearson Packaging Systems, Spokane WA
  • RSC/HSC Hot Glue Case Erector
  • Fully Automatic Case Erector for erecting & bottom sealing
  • Factory rated up to 25 cases per minute
  • Nordson PROBlue 7 Hot Glue System
  • Electrical 460 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 5.0 FLA,
  • Allen Bradley Micro Logix PLC
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus HMI
  • Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive
  • Operators Panel with E-Stop
  • Erected Case Size Range: 8” – 24” Length, 5” – 16” Width, 3” – 18.5” Closed Depth, 6” – 21” Open Depth,
  • Knocked-Down Size Range: 13 – 40” Length, 8” – 29” Width, (Bottom Flap Width 2.5” – 16”)
  • Lexan Access Doors with Safety Interlocks
  • Leg Levelers

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