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SWF Tray Former 1T4

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The SWF 1T4 Tray Former is a highly efficient machine designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern packaging lines. Capable of forming up to 25 trays per minute, it offers a flexible tray size range with lengths from 7″ to 34″, widths from 8-1/8″ to 22″, and depths from 1″ to 12″, accommodating a wide variety of product types with the appropriate change parts. Additionally, it can process knockdown cases ranging in length from 10-1/2″ to 37-7/8″ and widths from 12″ to 36″, providing versatility in packaging solutions.

Equipped with vacuum blank pick technology and SWF Hot Glue Pots, this tray former ensures reliable and secure assembly of trays, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. Its compact design, with overall dimensions of 50″L x 76″W x 80″H, allows for easy integration into existing production lines without requiring excessive space.

Operating on a 3/60/220V power supply, this used SWF tray former is an excellent addition to any packaging operation looking to improve speed, flexibility, and reliability in their tray forming process.

  • Up to 25 trays per minute
  • Tray size range: 7-34″ L, 8-1/8-22″ W, 1-12″ D (with proper change parts)
  • Knockdown case range: 10 1/2-37 7/8″ L, 12-36″ W
  • Overall dimensions: 50″ L x 76″ W x 80″ H
  • Equipped with vacuum blank pick and SWF Hot Glue Pots
  • 3/60/220V
  • Serial number 5724
  • Condition: Used

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