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Quadrel Moduline 3 Panel Pressure Sensitive Labeler

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The Quadrel Moduline 3-Panel Pressure Sensitive Labeler is a sophisticated solution for applying precise, bubble-free labels to a variety of product containers. This used system features the Quadrel Q55 L.H. labeling head, renowned for its accuracy and adjustability, making it suitable for labels up to 4″ tall. Its pneumatic flaps ensure smooth label application without wrinkles.

This labeler comes equipped with a 120-inch long plastic tabletop chain conveyor, set at a standard height of 34″, and includes a 36-inch top hold-down belt for securing products during labeling. The conveyor’s height is adjustable to accommodate different product sizes, enhancing the system’s versatility. With a control panel that simplifies operation — featuring conveyor on/off, main power on/off, and pace speed control — this machine streamlines the labeling process for efficient production workflows.

Mounted on a stainless steel frame with casters and adjustable legs, the Quadrel labeler is not only durable but also easily integrated into existing production lines thanks to its portable design.

  • Quadrel Q55 L.H. labeling head
  • Adjustable height 7.5″ tall plate, currently set up to run 4″ tall labels
  • Pneumatic flaps for labels
  • Plastic table-top chain conveyor: 120″ L x 4.5″ W x 34″ T
  • Top hold-down belt: 36″ L x 3/4″ W, adjustable height
  • Includes pacing with adjustable speed control
  • Control panel with conveyor on/off, main power on/off, pace speed control
  • Stainless steel frame, on casters, with adjustable legs
  • Electrical requirements 220-volt, 1 phase, 6 amp, 60 hz

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