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MRM (Cozzoli) 8 Head Rotary Piston Filler

Equipment Specifications

Cozzoli Machine Company
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The MRM (Cozzoli) 8 Head Rotary Piston Filler is an exceptional piece of machinery designed for efficient, high-volume filling operations. Manufactured by the renowned Cozzoli Machine Company, this used model is recognized for its precision and reliability. The Model RPF-8G, serial number RPF-08-G283, is an automatic rotary piston filler engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the food and beverage industry, ensuring consistent and accurate fills every time.

MRM Filler: Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

This MRM filler boasts several advanced features that enhance its performance and versatility. The automatic rotary piston filler operates from left to right, with powered height adjustment for seamless integration into various production lines. The machine includes a no container/no fill eye and cam rail, ensuring that filling only occurs when containers are present, thereby minimizing waste and optimizing efficiency. The bottom-up fill and rising tables provide smooth and controlled filling, ideal for handling a range of viscosities.

Versatile and Efficient Used MRM Filler

This MRM rotary piston filling machine is equipped with change parts for sizes up to a gallon, including quart and gallon pistons, making it adaptable for different product volumes. It comes with 12 sets of size parts, neck guides, and nozzles, providing the flexibility needed for various filling applications. This used MRM filler was last running condiments and sauces, showcasing its capability to handle thick and chunky products with ease.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Model: RPF-8G
  • Serial Number: RPF-08-G283
  • Type: Automatic rotary piston filler
  • Operation: Left to right
  • Height Adjustment: Powered
  • Safety Features: No container/no fill eye and cam rail
  • Filling Method: Bottom-up fill with rising tables
  • Change Parts: Sizes up to gallon, including quart and gallon pistons
  • Included: 12 sets of size parts, neck guides, and nozzles

Enhance your production line with the precision and efficiency of the MRM (Cozzoli) 8-Head Rotary Piston Filler. Contact us now to secure this high-performance MRM filling machine and take your filling operations to the next level.

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