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Mettler Toledo Safeline PowerPhase Metal Detector

Equipment Specifications

Mettler Toledo
Safeline PowerPhase

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The Mettler Toledo Safeline PowerPhase Automatic Metal Detector exemplifies the pinnacle of contamination detection technology, designed to enhance the safety and integrity of your production line. Featuring an aperture of approximately 9-3/4″ wide by 4-3/4″ tall, this metal detector is adept at identifying metallic contaminants within a wide range of product sizes and types, ensuring compliance with industry standards and consumer safety.

The system is equipped with an approximate 8″ wide conveyor belt, efficiently transporting products through the detection zone. This belt is powered by a robust 1/2hp motor, operating on 1/60/115/230 volt, 1725 rpm, ensuring smooth and continuous product flow. In the event of detecting a contaminant, an air-operated reject arm swiftly diverts the compromised product, minimizing the risk of contamination reaching the consumer and safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

Mounted on a durable stainless steel frame, this used Mettler Toledo Safeline metal detector is not only built to last but also designed for easy integration into existing production lines. Its compact footprint and 1/60/115 Volt power requirement make it an ideal choice for facilities looking to implement top-tier metal detection capabilities without extensive modifications.

  • Approximate 9-3/4″ wide x 4-3/4″ tall aperture
  • Approximate 8″ wide conveyor belt, driven by 1/2hp, 1/60/115/230 volt, 1725 rpm motor
  • Air operated reject arm
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 1/60/115 volt

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