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Bosch Inline Tri-Seal Carton Closer TSC-090

Equipment Specifications

Serial Number
Bosch Packaging Tech., New Richmond Wisconsin
Carton material
Paperboard 16 pt – 24 pt
Overall dimensons
210" Long x 56" Wide x 72" High

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  • The Bosch Inline Tri-Seal Carton Closer TSC-090 , a used 2011 model from Bosch Packaging Technology, is a sophisticated solution designed to streamline the packaging process for a wide array of products. Capable of sealing up to 90 cartons per minute, this machine enhances production efficiency with its innovative in-line design, which closes and seals cartons without the need for turning, minimizing malfunctions and downtime. Suited for paperboard cartons between 16 Pt and 24 Pt, this carton closer is ideal for the food, bakery, pharmaceutical, and frozen item sectors. The machine’s quick 15-minute changeover feature, coupled with the Nordson Mesa 6 Hot Glue Unit and adjustable conveyor elevation, provides flexibility and reliability for high-volume packaging operations.

    • In-line design allows closing and sealing without carton turning, reducing the potential for malfunctions and costly downtime
    • Speeds of up to 90 cartons per minute
    • Positive carton control with low downtime
    • The closer seals and closes top-loaded tri-seal paperboard cartons and is ideally suited for applications in the food, bakery, pharmaceutical, and frozen item markets
    • Features an innovative in-line closing process that closes the top lid and major and minor flaps after gluing, while maintaining the carton in a single forward motion
    • Quick 15-minute changeover
    • Nordson Mesa 6 Hot Glue Unit
    • Conveyor Elevation 30 inches (adjustable)
    • (10) Threaded Floor Leveler Legs
    • Operator Controls with E-Stop
    • Electrical 240 Volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
    • Includes Operation Instruction Manual

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