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Holmatic PR-2S Cup Filler

Equipment Specifications

Holmatic (R.A. Jones)
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The Holmatic PR-2S Two Lane Cup Filler represents a leap forward in the efficiency and capability of cup filling technology. A used machine, it delivers on Holmatic’s promise of reliability and performance, with a robust stainless steel construction that stands up to the rigors of continuous production. Designed to handle up to 80 cpm, this model enhances productivity without sacrificing the quality of the fill. It accommodates a broad range of container sizes, with a maximum diameter of 7″ and a height of up to 6″, making it a versatile solution for various packaging needs.

Whether for the food and beverage industry or any sector requiring precise and rapid cup filling, the Holmatic PR-2S offers an optimal balance of speed and precision. Its two-lane operation doubles the output, ensuring that production demands are met with ease. This machine’s ability to integrate seamlessly into existing lines makes it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to upgrade their packaging operations with a trusted name in cup-filling solutions.

  • OEM rated speed up to 80 cpm
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Maximum container diameter 7”
  • Maximum container height 6”

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