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Viking Masek ST800 Stick Pack Machine

Equipment Specifications

Viking Masek Packaging Technologies
North Dakota
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The Viking Masek ST800 Stick Pack Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for packaging operations requiring precision and reliability. Designed with the needs of modern production lines in mind, this multilane stick pack machine features advanced technology and robust construction, making it an excellent choice for businesses in various industries. The ST800 is known for its capability to handle high-speed stick pack applications with exceptional accuracy and consistency.

Key Features of this Viking Stick Pack Machine

This used Viking stick pack machine is equipped with five lanes, allowing for simultaneous filling and packaging, significantly enhancing productivity. The machine includes Hibar metering pumps, ensuring precise and reliable dosing of products. The Simco de-static bar minimizes static electricity, which can be crucial for handling certain types of materials. The machine also comes with two extra Hibar metering pumps and all necessary fittings and clamps previously used, offering added value and flexibility for future adjustments or replacements.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 80 cycles per minute (cpm)
  • Bag Width: 17-80 mm
  • Bag Length: 40-200 mm
  • Electrical Requirements: 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 20 amps
  • Air Pressure: 6 bar, 30 cfm at 90 psi
  • Included: 12″ tall stainless steel stand, other spare parts

Additional Features

  • Siemens Control System: Includes a lightbar indicator for easy monitoring and operation.
  • Powered Film Unwind: Equipped with film tension control to ensure smooth and consistent film handling.
  • Film Slitters and Forming Tubes: These features enable precise cutting and shaping of the packaging material.
  • Discharge Chutes: Ensures orderly and efficient output of finished packages.
  • Automatic Film Tracking: Maintains alignment and reduces film wastage.
  • GMP Construction: Compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety.
  • Easy Change Over: Simplifies the process of switching between different packaging specifications.
  • Photo Eye for Bag Length Control: Provides accurate control over bag length, enhancing packaging precision.

For more information or to purchase the Viking Masek ST800 Stick Pack Machine, contact us today and discover how this versatile and reliable machine can benefit your operations.

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