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Econocorp Spartan Cartoner Horizontal Intermittent

Equipment Specifications

Econocorp Inc.
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The Econocorp Spartan Cartoner, an automatic, horizontal, intermittent hot melt glue machine, is designed for dynamic and efficient cartoning operations. Capable of reaching speeds up to 40 cartons per minute, depending on the carton style, this machine offers a versatile size range from 2-10″ in length, 1-4″ in width, and 5-12″ in depth, accommodating a wide variety of packaging needs. Set up on 18″ centers, it features an adjustable bucket infeed conveyor with 12″ depth buckets to ensure smooth and consistent feeding into the cartoning mechanism.

Enhanced with a Nordson Bravura hot melt closure system and controlled by Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PLC with (2) KEB Combivert drives, the Econocorp Spartan ensures precise and secure carton sealing. This used machine, serial number 9045A, is an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their packaging process with a reliable and efficient cartoner known for its ease of operation and maintenance.

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