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Angelus 60L Can Seamer

Equipment Specifications

Pneumatic Scale Angelus (Barry-Wehmiller)
Batavia, IL.
Serial Number

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The Angelus Can Seamer Model 60L represents the best in sealing efficiency and reliability, designed by the renowned manufacturer Pneumatic Scale Angelus, a division of Barry-Wehmiller. This machine is a smart choice for operations looking to enhance their canning line’s productivity and precision. Its capability to handle a wide range of can sizes, with proper change parts, makes it exceptionally versatile for various packaging needs. The 10 HP drive motor and an in-motion timer further ensure seamless integration and operation within high-speed production environments. Ready for immediate pickup, this used Angelus Can Seamer Model 60L is a strategic investment for businesses aiming to elevate their packaging quality and operational efficiency.

  • Model 60L
  • Serial Number 3150256
  • OEM rated speeds from 175-500 cans/minute
  • Can Size Range with proper change parts: (Diameter) 200-404 (Height) 111-712
  • Currently set on 307 diameter
  • 10 HP Drive Motor
  • In-motion timer
  • Straight Line Infeed (table missing)

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