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Canco Can Seamer Model 08

Equipment Specifications

Weight crated with motor drive
3200 LBS
Floor space
59" X 67"
Size of base
34" X 36"
No. of revolutions of the driving pulley to close one Can – 15
Smallest diameter of can machine will close
No. 307 ( 3-7/16")
Largest diameter of can machine will close
No. 603 (6-3/16")
Lowest can machine will close
No. 208 ( 2- 1/2")
Highest can machine will close
No. 704 (7-1/4")
Maximum speed recommended (No. 307 (3-7/16") to no. 404 (4-1/4") – 40 cans per minute.
Maximum speed
(No. 501 (5-1/16") to no. 603 (6-3/16") – 30 Cans per minute.

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The Canco Can Seamer Model 08 is engineered for versatility and reliability, capable of sealing a broad range of can sizes from the smallest No. 307 (3-7/16″) to the largest No. 603 (6-3/16″). This adaptability extends to can heights, with the machine efficiently closing cans as low as No. 208 (2-1/2″) and as high as No. 704 (7-1/4″). Designed for optimal performance, the Model 08 achieves a maximum speed of 40 cans per minute for sizes between No. 307 (3-7/16″) to No. 404 (4-1/4″), and up to 30 cans per minute for larger sizes ranging from No. 501 (5-1/16″) to No. 603 (6-3/16″).

This robust used seamer is ideal for operations looking to enhance their canning line with a machine that combines speed with the ability to handle a diverse array of can dimensions. The Canco Model 08’s reputation for durability and precision makes it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to maintain high-quality, reliable sealing processes across a variety of product types.

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