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Marburg Neck Bander M-500 & Heat Tunnel

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Marburg Industries, Inc.
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High-Efficiency Shrink Sleeving

Now available the Marburg Neck Bander M-500 & Heat Tunnel, a robust and highly efficient solution tailored for precision neck banding applications. As part of our commitment to delivering top-tier packaging equipment, CWR Resources is proud to offer this used, shop-tested Marburg system, renowned for its operational excellence and reliability. Designed by Marburg Industries, Inc. of Vista, CA, a leader in the packaging industry, this system offers unparalleled performance for your sleeving needs.

Key Features of Marburg Neck Bander / Shrink Sleever – Model M-500

  • Versatility in Material Handling: The M-500 can manage materials ranging from 25mm to 90mm layflat, accommodating a variety of band lengths from 0.5” to 7” and thicknesses from 40 to 70 microns.
  • High-Speed Operation: Capable of reaching speeds up to 200 bottles per minute, this neck bander enhances your production line’s efficiency without compromising on quality.
  • Precision Application: Includes vertical perforation options and a powered container spacer indexing wheel, which ensures precise placement and consistent performance.
  • Change Part Flexibility: Comes equipped with four existing change part bullets (33mm, 42mm, 44mm, 49mm), allowing quick adjustments and versatility across multiple product lines.

Key Features of Marburg Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel – Model CR6000-ST

  • Efficient Heating Mechanism: Utilizes an electric heat type tunnel with flow-through ventilation for effective shrinkage of bands.
  • Compact and Robust Design: Features a stainless steel base and compact dimensions (Overall Tunnel Length: 22 inches), making it ideal for operations with limited space.
  • Innovative Features: Equipped with an automatic pneumatic lift mechanism that raises the heat tunnel when not in use, enhancing operational safety and convenience.

System Specifications and Integration

  • Dimensions and Installation: The Sleever measures 36” L x 36” W x 60” H, while the tunnel has an opening of 2” wide x 2.5” tall, easily integrating over your existing conveyor systems.
  • Power Requirements: Sleever electrical is 120 Volt, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 7 Amps with 24 VDC controls. The tunnel operates on 220 Volt, 1 Ph, 60 Hz.
  • Support and Stability: Both units are supported by stainless steel stands with leveler legs to ensure stability during operation.

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