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Elmar RPE-736/16T 36 Head Rotary Piston Filler w/ 16 Head Capper

Equipment Specifications

Batavia, IL.
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36 Head Rotary Piston Filler
67 ounce pistons

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  • Elmar Model RPE-36/16 Monoblock Filler/Capper

    36 Station Elmar Filler Turret and one Fowler Zalkin 16 Head “Pick and Place” Capping Turret complete with Infeed Timing Screw, Infeed Starwheel, Intermediate Transfer Starwheel and Discharge Starwheel all mounted on a Monoblock Main Base with:

    · 3-3/4" Diameter Super Extended Cylinders (max fill range 67 fluid ounces)

    · 3-3/4" Diameter Stainless Steel "Dome Style" Pistons with PTFE Wear Rings and “0” Ring.

    · Motorized Volume Adjustment

    · Adjustable Container Rails with Replaceable UHMW Wear Surface.

    · Quick Change Feed Screw – Toolless

    · Change Parts – Toolless

    · Powered Bowl Height Adjustment (3-15/16" to 9-15/16"), for Instant Height Change-Over.

    · Central Lubrication Cluster – Lincoln Automatic Lubrication System (manual pump)

    · Complete Electronic Control System with A-B 5/05 PLC and Operator Station with Allen-Bradley InverterDrive System , 480V/3PH/60HZ

    The Elmar Industries Inc. Filler Control system is a programmable logic controller (PLC) based control system. The basic unit controls filler speed, fill volume and the No Container No Filler (NCNF) trip mechanism.

    FOWLER/ZALKIN 16-head "Pick and Place" Capping Turret (PCD 498 mm) to mount on a Elmar filler Monoblock. This turret is equipped for the application of 63 mm, screw-on closures to PET bottles, at a rate of applied closures per minute. This machine is equipped as follows:

    · Set of Sixteen (16) Zalkin BH-3 Hysteresis magnetic clutch heads for screw-on closures requiring an application torque of 12 to 36 inch pounds +-10%.

    · Heads are equipped for use with quick change chucks for cap handling and application.

    · Set of Sixteen (16) quick change chucks for the 63 mm screw-on closure. Quick change chucks use a ball and ring assembly for quick release from, and remounting to, the capping head.

    · Telescoping cap chute suitable for the 63 mm closures and suitable for mating with "Nose Over' chute.

    · Cap chute steam cloud box (15" x 3' x 4 long) and cap transfer steam manifold, supplied to heat cap prior to application.

    · Quick Change "Peg & Ring" cap transfer system for smooth closure pick-off from the discharge of the cap chute and transfer to the capping heads. Transfer system is equipped with quick change quick release features to allow for no tools change-over. Transfer system includes sensors for no bottle/no cap control.

    · Self-contained elevating system for adjusting height of capping turret as required by differing heights of containers. Safeties are included to prevent travel beyond machine limits. Minimum 4", maximum 12" height of container.

    Designed to run the following containers and speeds.



    15 oz Glass


    23/25 oz Glass


    50 oz Glass


    24 oz PET


    48 oz PET


    64 oz PET