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Holmatic (R.A Jones)

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Holmatic by R.A. Jones: Leading the Way in Cup Filling Solutions

Holmatic, a key division of the renowned packaging equipment manufacturer R.A. Jones, has established itself as a leader in the field of cup filling machines. With R.A. Jones’s rich history dating back to 1905, it has consistently innovated in the packaging industry, offering a broad spectrum of solutions spanning home care, personal care, food, dairy, tea & coffee, pet care, and chemicals. Holmatic’s dedication to advancing cup filling technology has made it an essential choice for businesses in search of precise, efficient, and flexible packaging solutions.

The Holmatic cup filler range is meticulously designed to meet the varied demands of its users, achieving excellence in accuracy, speed, and versatility. Whether sealing products as varied as yogurt, coffee pods, or pet food, Holmatic equipment guarantees that items are packaged to the highest standards, ensuring product integrity and extending shelf life. This commitment to quality has placed Holmatic at the forefront of the packaging industry, supported by R.A. Jones’s longstanding tradition of manufacturing innovative packaging equipment.

Opting for used Holmatic cup fillers through CWR Resources aligns your business with a brand known for its pioneering approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. Leveraging R.A. Jones’s extensive background in the packaging sector alongside Holmatic’s specialized expertise in cup filling offers companies a distinct advantage, enabling them to navigate the ever-changing market landscape with assurance. Holmatic by R.A. Jones exemplifies our commitment at CWR Resources to providing premier packaging technology, helping our clients to excel in operational efficiency and achieve sustained success across a variety of industries.