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Econocorp Inc: Revolutionizing Packaging with Efficiency

Econocorp Inc. has been a cornerstone in the cartoning and case packing industry for over 50 years, establishing itself as a global leader renowned for innovative, efficient packaging solutions. Specializing in low to moderate speed cartoning, case packing, and tray forming, Econocorp’s machinery, including the acclaimed Econocorp Spartan cartoner, is engineered for versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. This makes it an ideal choice for manufacturers aiming to enhance their packaging processes with precision and ease of use.

At CWR Resources, our partnership with Econocorp underscores our dedication to offering our clients the highest quality packaging equipment. Econocorp’s commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction aligns with our goal to equip businesses with machinery that boosts productivity, optimizes packaging quality, and drives competitive advantage. The inclusion of Econocorp’s solutions in our portfolio highlights our promise to provide technology that meets the dynamic needs of today’s manufacturers.

Opting for used Econocorp packaging equipment through CWR Resources means investing in more than just machinery; it’s a commitment to a legacy of innovation that has significantly influenced the packaging industry. Whether upgrading existing operations or establishing new packaging lines, Econocorp’s equipment delivers the performance and efficiency essential for business growth and success in the modern marketplace.