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Russell Compact 600 Sieve w/ Dust Hood & Stand

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  • The Russell Compact 600 Sieve, featuring an integrated dust hood, is a prime example of advanced sieving technology designed to meet the rigorous standards of today’s production environments. With a 20-inch diameter, this compact sieve model 17240 is engineered for efficient and accurate sieving operations while minimizing dust and contamination in the process area.

    Powered by a Russell Finex Motor, Model MSVI 18-1310, Series AA, this used sieve is built to deliver consistent performance with minimal maintenance. The inclusion of a durable Carbon Steel Stand ensures stability and ease of integration into existing production lines, enhancing operational efficiency without sacrificing space.

    Ideal for a wide range of applications, from food and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and coatings, the Russell Compact 600 Sieve with its sieve size 8MG 5178A is designed to provide superior sieving accuracy, ensuring product quality and consistency. This used model, while compact, does not compromise on performance, offering the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their sieving processes with a reliable, high-quality machine.

    • Model 17240
    • Serial number DF 3192
    • Russell Finex Motor Model MSVI 18-1310, Series AA
    • Sieve size 8MG 5178A
    • 230/460 Volts, 1.2/0.6 Amps, 60 hz, 3 phase
    • Includes Carbon Steel Stand