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JH Day Stainless Steel Turbulent Mixer

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The JH Day Turbulent Mixer, a robust and versatile piece of equipment made from 304 stainless steel, is designed to meet the diverse mixing needs of industries ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to chemicals. With a 3.5 cubic feet total capacity and a non-jacketed chamber measuring approximately 20″ in diameter and 22″ in straight side, this used mixer ensures efficient and uniform mixing. Its 3″ diameter shaft, equipped with blades and end scrapers, is powered by a 7.5 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1800 rpm Sterling variable Speed-trol motor, offering precise control over the mixing process.

Additionally, this JH Day mixer features a side-entering pinned disc mill driven by a 10 hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 3490 rpm motor for enhanced particle size reduction, making it exceptionally suitable for a wide range of applications. The top access door with a charge port and an 8″ center bottom outlet with a manually operated plug valve provide easy operation and cleaning. Complete with a control panel and mounted on a sturdy carbon steel frame, this mixer combines functionality with durability, making it an excellent addition to any production line looking for reliable mixing solutions.