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Urschel Shredder, Slicer, Strip Cutter Model CC-D

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Urschel Laboratories Inc.
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Enhance Your Food Processing With a Used Urschel Shredder CC-D

Discover the versatility and efficiency of the Urschel CC-D Shredder, a multi-functional shredder, slicer, and strip cutter designed to handle a variety of food processing tasks with precision and ease. As a leading provider of used industrial food processing equipment, CWR Resources is proud to offer this high-performance machine that can significantly enhance your production capabilities.

Key Features of the Urschel Model CC-D

  • Versatile Cutting Options: Capable of performing multiple cutting styles, including flat slices, full shreds, strip cuts, oval shreds, V shreds, and grating, through interchangeable cutting heads. This versatility makes it ideal for processing a wide range of products in the food industry, from vegetables and fruits to cheeses and meats.
  • Designed for Efficiency and Ease of Use: Constructed with stainless steel contact parts for durability and food safety, featuring a simplified design for quick cleanup and maintenance. The machine’s capability to accept products measuring up to 3-1/2″ in any dimension allows for efficient processing of larger batches, enhancing throughput.
  • Mobility and Adaptability: Mounted on a robust stainless steel frame with casters, allowing for easy movement within your production facility to optimize operational layout.

Benefits of Choosing an Urschel Shredder

With the Urschel CC-D Shredder, you gain a powerful tool that delivers high-quality cuts with consistency and precision. This machine is an excellent investment for businesses looking to:

  • Increase production efficiency with a multi-purpose cutter.
  • Ensure uniform product quality.
  • Reduce labor costs by automating the cutting process.


  • Does not come with a cutting head or bottom shroud (customize the machine with specific attachments that meet your unique production needs).
  • Equipped with stainless steel contact parts for easy clean-up and maintenance.
  • Accepts products measuring up to 3-1/2″ in any dimension.
  • Mounted on a stainless steel frame with casters.
  • 3ph 480 volt