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Wilevco Batter Mixer Model V1-HD

Equipment Specifications


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  • The Wilevco Batter Mixer Model V1-HD is designed to meet the needs of high-volume production environments without sacrificing quality. Its advanced instrumentation, paired with a straightforward mechanical design, ensures consistent, high-quality batter mixing for a variety of applications. From traditional wheat and corn flours to specialized tempura coatings, this mixer’s low shear design maintains the integrity of ingredients, providing the gentlest handling for the best results. Ideal for businesses seeking efficiency and precision, the Wilevco V1-HD is a versatile addition to any food processing line.

    Water Consumption: 10GPM @ 40psi minimum; 1/2″ service line
    Applications: Wheat Flour; Corn Flour; Starch; Leavened Batters; Flavor Added Coatings; Tempura Coatings

    The unit is 230V, 3Ph, 60HZ.