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OK International

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OK International Corp: Excellence in Packaging Automation

A Legacy of Packaging Innovation

Since its inception in 1982, OK International Corp has risen to prominence as a trailblazer in the packaging automation industry. Founded by Owen Kellett, Sr., this family-run business has grown from a visionary startup to a global leader in packaging solutions. With over four decades of expertise, OK International has deployed thousands of machines worldwide, serving customers in over 60 countries with unwavering commitment and innovative technology.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Quality

OK International is renowned for its continuous heat-sealing bag technology and robust bulk packaging systems. Each piece of equipment, whether a case sealer, erector, or conveyor, is built to ensure durability, efficiency, and precision. The company’s focus on research and development ensures that their technology not only meets but often exceeds industry standards, providing users with reliable, state-of-the-art packaging solutions.

Diverse Product Range for Comprehensive Solutions

At CWR Resources, we offer a rotating selection of used OK International packaging machines. From sophisticated case erectors and sealers to advanced bag closers and bulk weigh fillers, our inventory is designed to cater to a variety of packaging needs.

Why Choose Used OK International Packaging Machinery from CWR Resources

Opting for used OK International equipment from CWR Resources means benefiting from top-tier technology without the hefty price tag of new machinery. Our expert team ensures every unit is shop-tested, providing substantial cost savings and operational excellence. Trust CWR Resources for your packaging automation needs and experience the enduring quality of OK International. Shop our assortment.