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CWR Resources offers high-quality used cartoning machines for industrial use.

What is a Cartoner and how can it help your company?

Cartoning machines are machines used to erect, close, fold, side seam, and close cartons to create a solution that boosts the production rate and quality of the packaging process.

A packaging machine can be found at almost any company that deals in goods and they are required for most companies as well because it saves them money from having employees do manual labor especially during peak seasons.

There are two types of cartoning machines:

Horizontal cartoning machines are great for companies that produce many different products. Vertical cartoning machines, on the other hand, serve a more specialized function and can handle heavier loads of products than horizontal ones.

Horizontal packaging solutions are most often used by large corporations with their need to package various types of items in one run or at an assembly line setting while verticals have been designed primarily for grocery stores whose vertically packaged goods require heavy lifting as well as space-saving efficiency.

Cartoning machines generally pick a single piece from folded cartons, erect it, fill it with a product or bag of it horizontally through an open end, and close the carton by tucking the end flaps in or applying glue or adhesive.

A cartoning machine can be used manually or mechanically, but these machines are used manually for product insertion in many cases. Many food items, confectionery, medicines, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc. are packaged in these machines.

An end load cartoning machine is a cartoning machine that erects a folded carton, puts products vertically through its open end, and tucks the end flaps of the carton or applies glue to close it. 

Cartoning machines are widely used to package bottled products such as food, confectionery, medicine, and cosmetics, depending on the size and scale of the business.

Cartoning machines designed for efficiency and economy save floor space and maximize uptime for maximum efficiency.

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