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CWR Resources offers high quality used bakery equipment for industrial use.

Which machines are used in the bakery industry?

In any business, the right tools for production and service lead to successful results, as well as fewer headaches along the way. Since quality commercial bakery equipment is essential for any bakery or pastry shop, careful owners can stay within their startup budgets if they shop from the wide selection of tools available on the used industrial supplier market.

Ovens Variety

A bakery’s most important piece of equipment is its oven. The type you choose depends on how big your business is and what you plan to bake. Convection ovens use forced hot air and bake quickly, allowing you to produce more. They are ideal for batches of cookies.

Baking large quantities of food can be more efficient with rotating racks and revolving trays. Rack ovens allow for an entire cart of stacked trays to be rolled into the oven for baking and then rotated out. Deck ovens are another type of oven with which cakes, breads, or pizzas are placed directly on the baking surface. Due to the revolving racks, all the trays are evenly baked.

Proofing Boxes

A proofing box is a useful tool because it allows the dough to rise before it is baked. A proofing oven allows the dough to rise for a short time and bakes it afterward. Units with steam injection ensure crispy crusts.

Mixing things up

In the same way, as with the oven, the type of mixer you need depends on the type of baked goods you are making and the anticipated volume of your business. If you mix mostly cakes, cupcakes, and lighter batters in a small-scale environment, a planetary mixer may work. Planetary mixers have a stationary bowl paired with rotating attachments including a dough hook, paddle, and whip. With spiral mixers, both the bowl and attachments revolve, which allows the dough to gain its gluten structure, which is important for bread production.

No matter what type you use, make sure you get quality industrial bakery equipment that can withstand continuous use. Bowls come in a range of volumes, as counter-top models and floor-stand models. If you use a lot of bowls, a mixer bowl lift may be helpful.

Racks and Tables

Baker’s tables are used to roll out and cut dough, knead bread, and decorate baked goods. Baker’s tables are typically stainless steel, although some maybe wood. Some tables have drawers for small tools or lower shelves for easy access to decorating supplies.

A multi-level rack provides movable storage space for goods while they are being baked or being cooled.

See our available used industrial bakery equipment here. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to sell your machine.

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