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CWR Resources provides used metal detection machinery of high quality for industrial use.

Why are metal detectors necessary for the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industry?

Metal is one of the most commonly found contaminants in food. Metal is commonly used in the construction of machinery, equipment, and ancillary utensils at all stages of food processing. Food metal detectors can help ensure the safety and integrity of unpackaged, packaged, or bulk goods. They can identify metal contaminants during processing or packaging, and ensure the food is safe to consume. Food safety standards (GFSI, BRC, IFS), retailers’ codes of practice, legislation, and industry guidance dictate metal detection systems must be part of the HACCP program.

Contaminant Types

Food metal detectors can sense three types of metallic contaminants:

Metal detectors in the food industry must be able to detect metallic contaminants that have good conductivity and magnetic permeability:

In cases where other types of contaminants (glass, bone, ceramics, stone) need to be detected, a food X-ray inspection system will perform better.

Metal Detector Types for the Food Industry

All of these systems must use hygienic designs as well as clean methods to ensure the safety and efficacy of the food or beverage to be inspected.

Foil-Packed Products

Products that are packed in metal, in aluminum or aluminum foil are normally subjected to a traditional metal detector system before they are packed. However, when this is not possible, the product must go through a specialist “ferrous-in-foil” detector.

The most diligent alternative is to investigate the additional benefits of an X-ray inspection system for food at this point.

Where should a food metal detector be located?

Metal detectors can be utilized throughout the entire food production process to protect consumers by finding metal contaminants and making sure that food will be distributed in a manner to be safe for consumption. When packaged products are inspected at the end of the line for metal contaminants, a food metal detector can be placed in the line.

Food metal detectors are also used downstream to protect machinery. Metal detectors are installed before processing equipment to detect metal particles and prevent damage, which can lead to downtime and costly repairs.

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