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CWR Resources provides used form fill seal machinery of premium quality for industrial use.

How do form fill seal equipment help companies in their production processes?

Form Fill and Seal (FFS) machines allow you to package products by forming, filling, and sealing them all in the same machine. There are two types of FFS equipment: 

The two types are:

Vertical form fill and seal (VFFS):

Today, vertical form fill seal packaging machines are used in almost every industry because they provide a fast and economical solution to a valuable problem. These packing machines start with large rolls of film that it forms into bag shapes before filling them up with product. The machine then seals the bags at speeds as high as 300 bags per minute! Imagine all the time we save on wasted plastic wrappers or cardboard boxes now that these methods have been perfected for their efficiency.

Horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS): 

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machines create pouches from roll stock film and spout and cap assemblies, as well as filling them in the same operation. The process of using a HFFS machine can account for every part of manufacturing a complete pouch product (from film unwinding to sealing). This not only provides more flexibility in sizes but also saves time by optimizing total cost ownership. Additionally, it gives the manufacturer complete control over the packaging process.

How do form fill and sealers work?

In a Form Fill Seal equipment, plastic bags or packs are fed off a roll of film, then filled, sealed, and separated.

FFS is frequently highly sophisticated, with computer interfaces and control networks. It provides greater speed and flexibility for user companies. For example, snack producers demand flexible systems that can change between a wide range of packaging formats quickly to meet the growing market demand for single-serve packs. A vertical Form Fill and Seal packaging machine has the ability to create a wide range of forms, virtually any size or shape, from standard pillow packs to four-sided bags.

What kind of products are packaged by Form Fill Seal Equipment?

FFS machines can be used on a wide variety of material types and package a variety of products. They are commonly found in food, beverages, cosmetics, electronics stationery tobacco chemical medical applications.

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