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UBE Band Slicer 90-75 & Bread Bagger 7700

Equipment Specifications

United Bakery Equipment
Slicer 90-75, Bagger 7700
North Dakota
Serial Number
1900-0935, 77-160
Overall Dimensions
Slicer: 90″ L x 48″ W x 92″ T, Bagger: 128″ L x 92″ W x 64″ T, Conveyors: 96″ L x 48″ W x 40″ T (on skid), Spare Parts: 46″ L x 42″ W x 28″ T

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Enhance your bakery operations with the United Bakery Equipment (UBE) combination of the Band Slicer 90-75 and Bread Bagger 7700. This pre-owned integrated system is designed to streamline your bread slicing and bagging processes, boosting productivity with up to 60 loaves per minute. The UBE 90-75 Band Slicer and 7700 Bread Bagger offer precision, speed, and reliability, ensuring your products are perfectly prepared and packaged with minimal downtime.

UBE Band Slicer 90-75 – Precision Slicing at Its Best

The UBE Band Slicer 90-75 is engineered for precision and durability. Featuring a 20-inch wide slicing width and 6 1/2-inch clearance, it can handle a variety of bread types and sizes. The 18-inch wide interlock plastic belt infeed, coupled with an 8-inch wide plastic interlock hold down belt, ensures smooth and consistent feeding of products into the slicer. The unit’s substantial infeed system includes a 72-inch long aluminum power roller conveyor, enhancing the flow of products into the slicing mechanism. Control is facilitated via an Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 400, offering intuitive operation and real-time adjustments.

UBE Bread Bagger 7700 – Efficient and Reliable Bagging

The UBE Bread Bagger 7700 complements the slicer with its dual bag magazines and efficient push arms spaced 45″ apart, suitable for high-volume production environments. This model provides a 6 1/2-inch clearance and features a 52-inch long discharge conveyor for seamless integration into your packaging line. The inclusion of a Kwik Lok 872XLS bag closing unit with Kwik Lok 897 Printer (missing head), ensures bags are securely sealed, preserving the freshness and quality of your bread.

System Specifications and Benefits

  • Overall Footprint: 22.5′ L x 11.25′ W x 8.25′ T
  • Electrical Requirements: 460V, 3 Phase, 60Hz.
  • Output Capability: Up to 60 loaves per minute.
  • Additional Features: Pallet of spare parts included for maintenance and repairs (see photos).

The entire system’s stainless steel frame and robust construction promise longevity and durability under continuous operational demands. With its comprehensive control setup and efficient design, the UBE slicer and bagger combination reduces labor costs and enhances production efficiency.

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