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Case Erectors

View our selection of Case Erectors for sale.

Maximize Efficiency with a Used Case Erector

Elevate your packaging operations with our selection of used case erectors from CWR Resources. Our assortment is designed to enhance production efficiency, offering precision, reliability, and speed in the assembly of boxes. Specializing in leading brands like Pearson Packaging Systems and Wexxar, our inventory meets the diverse needs of businesses seeking to improve their packaging line’s performance with quality machinery.

What Does a Case Erector Machine Do?

A case erector machine automates the process of constructing boxes from flat cardboard, preparing them for product filling and sealing. This essential piece of equipment streamlines packaging operations by ensuring consistent box assembly at high speeds, significantly reducing manual labor and improving production throughput. With the ability to handle a variety of box sizes and specifications, case erectors are key to achieving efficient, reliable packaging processes in industries ranging from food and beverage to electronics and consumer goods.

Pearson Case Erector: Synonymous with Quality

Pearson Packaging Systems, recognized for its durable and efficient case erectors, exemplifies the innovation and quality that businesses look for in packaging solutions. Pearson’s machines are engineered to minimize downtime and enhance productivity, offering features that ensure seamless integration into existing packaging lines. By incorporating Pearson case erectors into your operations, available through CWR Resources, you gain access to a level of automation that propels your packaging capabilities forward.

Wexxar Case Erector: Versatility Meets Innovation

Wexxar’s range of case erecting equipment complements our selection, providing versatile and innovative solutions to meet a variety of packaging challenges. Renowned for their adaptability and ease of maintenance, Wexxar case erectors deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that companies of all sizes can achieve professional and secure packaging outcomes.

Used Case Erectors For Sale at CWR Resources

Choosing used case erectors from CWR Resources is not just about enhancing your packaging line–it’s a strategic investment in your operation’s future. Our selection provides the technology to streamline your packaging process, driving productivity and growth. Browse our current inventory or reach out to us at 630-262-9595 for your specific case erector needs.