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CWR Resources offers a large inventory of used tanks. Industrial storage tanks are containers or vessels used primarily for the storage of water, gas, oil, beer, wine, and other petrochemical products.

There are different sizes and shapes of industrial storage tanks depending on their use. Most tanks are cylindrically shaped and have an upward or downward slant. They may be flat bottoms, sloped bottoms, dished bottoms, or cone bottoms, come with a fixed roof, and insulated or refrigerated. They can also be sealed, single-walled, or double-walled.

Tanks can utilize various agitation techniques including sweeping, dual agitation, high-shear agitation, prop agitations, turbines, impellers, and emulsification. Tanks are used in a wide variety of industries including food, dairy, brewing, distilling, pharmaceutical, chemical, fuel, and oil as well as personal care, agriculture, cosmetics, plastics, and packaging.

The advantages of buying used tanks from CWR Resources include our large selection, cost-effectiveness, ease of payment, and speed of delivery. If you do not find the used industrial tank that you require in our inventory, contact us and we will help you find one that meets your needs. If you are looking to sell your used tank submit a request online.

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