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SOLD - Allpax Automated Batch Retort System

Surplus to the ongoing operations of a major food company

System Includes:

Allpax Water Immersion Retort

Nine Allpax 1600 water immersion (rotary) retorts.

Allpax Automated Loader/Unloader

Automated loader/unloader to load baskets (last running cans).

Allpax Shuttle System

Shuttle system for transporting product baskets to/from retorts.

Allpax Ballast Basket Lane

Ballast basket lane for storing ballasted baskets.

Allpax basket lanes

Empty basket lanes for storing empty after unloading.

Allpax R&D Retort

One R & D retort for sample testing.

Allpax Retort System

About the Allpax System

The Allpax Automated Batch Retort System "ABRS" water immersion retorts are batch retorts that sterilize the containers by completely immersing the product in hot water. The retort baskets are loaded by robot and conveyed to the retorts using a shuttle.

Post Process

Once the thermal process is complete in the retort, the product is unloaded by robot to be conveyed to a palletizer. Each vessel has a controller that monitors, alarms, and controls each phase of the process based on a recipe that has been written for each product.


If you are interested in purchasing the Allpax Automated Batch Retort System, give us a call now at:

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