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Used METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Certus XR 300 X-Ray Inspection System

The METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Certus XR 300 x-ray inspection system was specifically designed to provide a cost-effective production line x-ray inspection solution for small packaged products.    The Certus XR 300 has a 300 mm inspection area.   Certus XR inspection units reliably detect and reject many contaminants, including metal, stone, glass, and bone, that could lead to consumer complaints, liability lawsuits, and brand image degradation. The system features a 6-inch touch screen user interface and intuitive software, making it extremely easy to operate, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual changeover operations or specialized knowledge about x-ray inspection technology.   The Certus XR model provides a modular design for easy removal of the user interface and processor. Rated NEMA 4/IP65, this equipment’s sanitary design allows easy access to all machine parts and can be disassembled for easy cleaning in seconds without a tool.   The main benefit of the Certus XR 300 is the protection they provide against consumer dissatisfaction or injury that can lead to lost market share, damaged brand image, or legal action.   


    • Model Certus XR 300
    • Serial Number T7444604
    • 300MM Wide Inspection Area
    • Built-in 2013
    • Detects contaminants as small as .08mm, including metal, glass, stone, and bone
    • Operates at speeds from 50 to 150 feet per minute
    • Aperture Measures 13 ½” W x 7” H
    • Comes with Pneumatic Arm Reject
    • Overall Dimensions: 66”L x 42”W x 64”H

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