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[SOLD] Shanklin HS-1 Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper & T-7 Shrink Tunnel [SOLD]

Shanklin HS-1 Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper & T-7 Shrink Tunnel wrap products at high speeds. The resulting packages have neat trim seals on three sides of the packages.   This model is capable of high and low speeds, and it can be operated via a control console to adjust wrapping speed to match the production line.   Shanklin High-Speed Wrappers offer ease of operation, easy maintenance, and the flexibility to change from one size to another. The HS-1 uses standard center folded film. The film inverting head accepts a variety of product sizes, and width is generally not critical.


Shanklin Shrink Automatic Wrapper, side seal machine, Model HS-1-H, SN H9226, lug infeed spacing 14 3/4 in., seal bar 20 in., side seal 15 in. long, infeed 164 in. long, Allen Bradley controls, 480 Volts, 60 Hz, 8 Amps, 60 Max PSI, Single Phase Shanklin Shrink Tunnel, Model T-7, SN T-91177, SS wire mesh belt, 86 in. long x 15 in. wide belt, Aperture 22 in. wide x 8 1/2 in. tall, adjustable legs, w/ new casters, mild steel construction, 230V, 60Hz, 70 Amp, 1 Phase, Overall dimensions: 88 in. long x 44 in. wide x 82 in. tall.
  • Maximum Film Width: 22 in. folded or 44 in. flat; center folder required for flat film
  • 100 packages/min. maximum
  • Longitudinal seal: weld bead at the side of packages
  • Emergency stop button instantly stops all machine functions until manually reset
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Emergency reverse
  • Air cylinder safety opens end seal jaws
  • Torque limiters on the main drive and infeed conveyor
  • Low voltage sensors and actuators
  • Tamper-resistant controls

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