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Pelbo Model Simplex 3S50 Egg Breaker

Pelbo SpA egg breaker and separator.  Max capacity up to 18,000 egs per hour.  5-lane machine, currently set up to run 3-lanes.  Infeed conveyor, 108 in. long, 5-lanes wide, 42 in. tall infeed.  Egg breaking and separating machine, up to 5 lanes.  Has egg white and yoke separating system.  (3) SS catch pans for egg whites, 2 in. diameter sanitary clamp fitting.  SS catch for yokes, 3 in. diameter sanitary clamp fitting.  Main unit has CIP spray ball cleaning system.  Variable speed control.  Auger discharge for shells, 6 in. diameter.  SS washdown unit, adjustable legs.  Overall footprint 21 ft. long x 60 in. wide x 84 in. tall.

  • Built in 2009
  • Includes doors for control panel.
  • Includes all spare parts photo'd.

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