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[SOLD] Packaging Progressions Inc. Model 200-SS-F-M-20 Interleaver / Stacker [SOLD]

This PPI Interleavers place paper under or around sliced portions for easy separation during sandwich preparation, and automatic counter/stackers create accurate stacks for easy loading into the final package. The PPI-200 handles many sandwich kit portions, including: • Extra-thin shingles • Fluffed portions • Folded portions. The paper, film, improves ease of separation, sanitary handling, freeze release, improved shelf life, and portion control.Interleaved (under leaved)products can be conveyed to one of our modular auto stackers for hands-free counting and auto stacking before introduction to your packaging or wrapping machine. This unit does have optional by-pass conveyor. Unit was built in 2008 and is in good operating condition.  

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