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North Star Flake Ice Maker M40

North Star Flake Ice Maker M40

The North Star Flake Ice has many advantages over other ice makers     Flexible  
  • Ice can be made from freshwater, seawater, and other liquids.
  • Uses ammonia or environmentally safe refrigerants.
  • Install anywhere with a broad array of power options.
  • High-quality heavy-duty parts for industrial use.
  • Constructed in compliance with CE and PED regulations to ASME code for 150 PSIG working pressure. 
  • Designed to eliminate leaks with a stationary double-walled evaporator.
  • Safety features include a see-through inspection hatch, a mechanical load limit switch, an emergency stop switch, a jog switch, and a drive belt guard.
  • By varying the speed of the rotor, ice thickness can be controlled in the field.


    • Approximate capacity: 19.7 US tons (T) of ice per 24 hours based on -25ºF (-32ºC) evaporator and 60° F (16° C) water supply temperatures
    • Serial Number 1115
    • Solid Stainless Steel Freezing Surface
    • Stainless Steel Components
    • Stainless Steel Components
    • Makes Sub Cooled Flake Ice

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