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Doboy Model 7420 Dual Head Carton Former

  • Variable speed, up to 60 trays per minute.
  • Dual gravity style spring fed magazines; up to 28 in. wide empty trays, 23 in. deep magazine.
  • Include Nordson ProBlue 4 hot melt glue pot, Nordson Eclipse Series EPC30 pattern control system, and Nordson Spectra 30 control system.
  • 2005 Bosch forming heads, 4.25 in. wide x 5.25 in. long, SN 05-25992 and SN 05-25993.
  • Power requirements 230 volt, 3 phase, 60 hz.
  • Air requirements: 80 psi at 6-10 cfm.
  • A variable frequency drive motor for the main drive.
  • Servo motor powered shuttle for a continuous supply tray/carton blank.
  • Full shrouding to minimize dust and protect personnel.
  • This Model 7420 Dual Tray/Carton Former is designed to pull tray/carton blanks from a magazine, place them onto a shuttle, move them forward into the forming heads and form them into the finished tray or carton. Each side operates independently of the other with an eccentric drive mechanism at speeds up to 30 cycles per minute and provides a smooth and consistent flow of blanks to the forming heads. It is designed for easy operation and setup and is totally electronically controlled with a touchscreen control panel for ease of operation and maintenance.
  • 120 in. long x 84 in. wide x 101.5 in. tall

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