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[SOLD] Arpac 105-32DFB Shrink Bundler [SOLD]

The Arpac 105-32DFB Shrink Bundler is capable of handling large stacks of products with bull’s eye enclosures. An optional seal can be added to packages to enhance product protection during distribution. Typical applications include stacked pizza boxes, windows, doors, ceiling tiles, floor mats, wall panels, and more. The 105 SERIES takes up to 89′′ of film. Stacks of product pass via an infeed conveyor to the sealing area and the stack moves through the film web and the sealing frame. The stack stops and the seal closes once the shrink film envelopes it, resulting in a film sleeve around it. Optional side seals (no trim) are next applied. The stack passes through an integrated shrink tunnel chamber. The bundle exits the shrink tunnel and passes under a turbo cooling system, which accelerates the curing of the stack.  

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