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Alfa Laval Convap 6 x 9 Scrape Surface Evaporator

Alfa Laval Convap 6 x 9 is a single-wall, two-phase scraped surface evaporator with excellent efficiency and low fouling for highly viscous liquids. It has been designed specifically to concentrate products to very high solids levels.  

Alfa Laval Convap evaporators are used to dry food and other products. They are especially suitable for materials that have been pre-concentrated by other methods and become too viscous to handle. This process can concentrate up to 99% of total solids in some cases. Continuous scraping prevents fouling and ensures reliable thermal performance even with a high-temperature differential. This not only improves efficiency but also preserves the quality of heat-sensitive products.



  • Product tube is chrome plated 316L stainless steel
  • Model 6 x 9
  • Product chamber maximum allowable working pressure 300PSI @ 300 deg F
  • Media chamber maximum allowable working pressure 250PSI @ 300 deg F
  • Unit built in 2008
  • Serial No.: HC9536SCC

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