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Advantage Sentra Temptender Water Temperature Control Unit

  • Model SKE-2465-ET
  • Serial Number 161912
  • Date of Manufacture: 4/25/2018
  • Manufacturer: Advantage, Greenwood IN
  • Water temperature control unit circulates temperature stabilized water for process temperature control
  • Heater 24 kW
  • Process Pump 1-1/2 HP, 65 GPM, 30 PSI
  • Modulating Type Cooling Valve, 1/2" Size
  • Connection Sizes: 1-1/4” to Process, 1-1/4” From Process, 1/2" Water Supply, 1/2" Drain
  • For process fluid temperature from 32°F up to 250°F
  • Touch screen simplicity, 4.3" full color touch screen interface
  • Digital flow rate display and from process temperature on informational screen
  • Standard shut down pump seal cooling feature
  • User configurable automatic start-up venting
  • Out-of-spec alarm including standard audible signal
  • Pump rotation monitor
  • Selectable English or Spanish language display
  • Selectable SPI or Modbus RTU communication
  • Configurable second set point feature

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