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CWR Resources offers high-quality used slicers and dicers for industrial use.

Industrial dicer and slicer machines are the perfect solutions for large-scale food preparation. You can find a variety of different tools to cut, dice, or shred your favorite foods like cheese or meat thanks to their versatility!

Industrial size dicers and slicers are great because they make preparing any product quick and easy as well as cutting down prep time in half – no more chopping by hand with this processing equipment around! The cool thing about this type of machinery is that there’s literally something for everyone; whether you’re looking for fancy knife work on producing vegetables, mincemeat on beefsteak tomatoes, plain old cheeseburger patties…they’ve got it all covered.

What type of industrial slicers exists?

Slicing food can be a tiresome task, especially if you have to do it by hand. This is where industrial slicers come in handy! There are various types of slicers on the market for different purposes; from fruit and vegetable slicers all the way up to commercial meat slicers. The most popular type seem to be those with multipurpose capabilities because they can help manufacturers meet a variety of needs without having to purchase multiple appliances.

Manual slicers are stationary and can be operated by hand. Automatic slicers run electronically, slicing the product without an operator’s help. These typically come in higher volumes than manual models but require a staff member to operate them at all times during operation. Due to concerns about hygiene and rust, stainless steel construction is usually used for industrial slicers in the food processing industry.

What type of industrial dicers are on the market?

Industrial dicing machines can process meat, vegetables, and cheese with the same efficiency as processed poultry. Manual equipment is available for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to produce while fully computer automated machinery offers industrial precision without any human contact. Models are made from stainless steel which means that they will last longer than other materials such as aluminum at an affordable price point.

We have many options for you, ranging from industrial slicers to dicers! Interested in selling your current machine or we might be interested in buying it from you as well? Please click here.

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