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CWR Resources offers used shrink machines and other packaging machines of high quality for industrial use.

Shrink-wrapping machines are an essential part of any business that sells a large number of goods. If you want to learn more about shrink wrap machines and how they work, please continue reading.

What is a shrinking machine and how can it help your company?

Shrink-wrapping is a process in which an item is wrapped in a polyolefin shrink film sleeve or envelope that is heat-sealed to the item, creating a tight, crystal clear seal around the product.

Shrink-wrapping is generally stronger than overwraps and stretch wraps. They conform more tightly around items and produce a thin film of plastic over the perimeter.

Shrink-wrapping can be done using a heat gun or with dedicated shrink wrapping equipment. Heat gun shrink wrapping is most often used by individuals with very few products to shrink wrap each week. For business, a shrink wrap machine is crucial for efficiently and quickly wrapping as many products as possible in as little time as possible.

Based on your business needs, you should determine what sort of shrink-wrapping machinery you need. You will have to consider the motivation behind the wrap, how fast the process is, what sizes are required, and how fast there will be a changeover. Whatever the need, the shrink wrapping machine will be capable of meeting the requirements and process a variety of products.

How Does Shrink-Wrapping Work?

We don’t often think about how a shrink wrapping machine work or how the plastic can adhere tightly to the product. However, it’s all about controlling and manipulating polymer particles; polymers are long atoms found in plastic and are usually twisted and arbitrary. When a plastic film is made out of them, the molecules are stretched straight out to form a thin barrier, perfect for wrapping around another product.

Once the warmth is applied to the film, it shrinks, because the heat causes the polymers to return to their tangled state. The amount of shrinkage a polymer experience depends on the kind of polymer it is: PVC shrink wrap film can shrink roughly half of its original size, while polyolefin shrink wrap film shrinks less, despite offering stronger seals than PVC.

Which different Shrink Wrapping Machines exist?

The way a shrink-wrapping machine operates depends on the type of shrinking machine involved. The three main kinds of shrink-wrapping machines are a chamber sealer, an L-sealer, and a side sealer.

A chamber sealer places the product into a compartment with shrink wrap film inside where it is heated to compress it around the product. This process takes time, depending on the thickness of the plastic.

An L-Sealer is specifically designed for large shrink wrapping volume. If you are using an automated L-sealer, you feed your product once the machine is set up.

The L-sealer is made of two sealing bars which make a backward L. Shrink film is folded along these bars to create a pocket through the crease of the fold where your products can be placed. The shrink wrapper detects when your product is entirely in the machine in order to know when to wrap your items with shrink film before pushing them further along your production line. Afterward, a shrink tunnel in the production line heats up the unheated shrink wrap to tightly fit around each item.

Finally, a side sealer is the fastest and most versatile way of packaging large quantities of products. They wrap the products in a tube of continuous plastic film, sealing one side of the package and then separating individual pieces downstream through cross sealing.  Side sealers offer the ability to wrap from 25 up to 300 packages per minute depending on the type of automatic machine you choose. Side sealers are generally available in one of two configurations: two or three belts. A two-belt side sealer is more compact (only slightly larger than an L-sealer) and eliminates one of the infeed belts for the end seal. Three belt sealers are best for packaging longer products but can’t afford to expand production line lengths. Three belt sealers are able to precisely space products before the wrapping area.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap Machinery

If you decide to use shrink wrap machinery in your business, there are numerous reasons to do so over other packaging methods. If you substitute an automated machine for manual shrink film packaging, you no longer have to complete tedious, time-consuming tasks of packaging products in shrink film, which gives you more time to accomplish meaningful work. Shrink-wrapping is a way to save more money in the long run. It is much more efficient with the amount of film it uses on each product than the average person could ever hope to be.

Overall, automatic packaging machines create more efficiency in your product processing operations.

If you are interested in acquiring one of our used industrial shrink machines, please see the available items below. Interested in selling your shrinkers? Please click here to contact us!

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