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Many palletizers and other packaging machinery and equipment from a variety of manufacturers are available from CWR Resources. You can choose from used bag palletizers, can palletizers, bottle palletizers, and much more in our inventory.

Palletizing equipment is the lifeline of any warehouse. These machines are used to stack and then transfer products onto a pallet, which can be more efficiently stored or shipped with this method. There are various ways of doing this, as well as several different types of palletizers. 

The 3 different kinds of palletizer are: 

Floor Level Palletizer – This type lifts goods from the floor and transfers them onto a fixed or movable deck so they can be stacked on top other one another for storage and transport purposes;

High-Level Palletizer – This type operates above ground level (usually about 10 feet high), and has a higher noise output than other types.

High-Level Palletizers also have the ability to produce at speeds of up to 450 per minute, which is twice as fast as its counterpart, the low-level palletizer.

Robotic palletizers are the perfect solution for any warehouse that wants to free up staff time and optimize its supply chain. They operate without human intervention, so they can get your items out on time!

If you are interested in acquiring one of our used palletizer equipment, please see the available items below. Interested in selling your palletizer or other packaging machinery? Please click here to contact us!

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