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Industrial Meat Equipment

CWR Resources provides high quality used meat equipment for industrial use.

For the production of meat and meat products, the industry needs different meat processing equipment for each processing step. Some of the most common meat processing machines are:

Meat grinder: A meat grinder is the only kitchen appliance in the meat industry used when cutting, mixing, chopping, or mincing meat, fish, vegetables, or similar food. It is widely used by both professionals and home cooks. This meat machine fragments or cuts the meat into small pieces before it is cooked. It is comfortable to use and it does a good job cutting both hard and soft types of meat. It will work for chicken, rabbit, duck, pork, lamb, beef, buffalo, and more similar meat.

Meat Mixer: Meat mixers are another food processing device used mainly for mixing, whipping, and beating. There are two types of meat mixers available in the market, namely, stand mixers and hand mixers.

Meat Timber: Meat timber is a type of meat processing equipment used mainly for professional and personal purposes. These machines utilize metal blades and sharp teeth which makes them very powerful in cutting meat into a variety of different pieces. These machines play an important role as an automatic and robotic solution.

Meatball Forming Machine: These meatball machines can produce different types of meatballs including fish balls, chicken meatballs, pork balls, mutton balls, beef balls, shrimp balls, etc. The meat machines are helpful to provide fantastic quality in taste as well as size.

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