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Kettles are basically large steam or electric pots used in industrial production and high volume processes. Our inventory of used Kettles ranges in size from one quart to hundreds of gallons and is comprised of carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steel models from all the leading manufactures.

Kettles are used to uniformly heat, mix, cook, and store large batches of product. Kettles normally have a rounded bottom and flat top and are either one-half, two-third, or fully jacketed. They can be mounted on the floor, in cabinets, or on walls and normally come with a tilting device for easy removal of their contents. Mixing kettles come in many types including single motions, dual motions, and triple motions, some with accessories such as scrapers to scrape off the sidewalls and bottoms of the vessel. Kettles have many uses in the food and beverage, chemical, grain, and pharmaceutical processing industries. Sweep agitators and counter-rotating blades can also be found.

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