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Industrial Sifter

CWR Resources provides high quality used sifters for industrial use.

What does a sifter do in food processing?

A sifter can separate dry, free-flowing items such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetic powders, wood flour, wood chips, and pigments such as carbon black from foods such as sugar, baking soda, wheat flour, and minerals such as silica, limestone, pumice. The particle size of the product determines the size of the sifter machine, which separates one or more products according to its particle size. One material goes in the machine, and it comes out as two or more products.


A sifter machine separates, grades, scalps, and removes fines.

Sifters usually use different types of screening motions. They are:

The most commonly used types are centrifugal, vibratory, gyratory-reciprocal, and gyratory. 

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