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Used evaporators of all types, shapes, and sizes are available for sale from CWR Resources. You can find what you need to help your company succeed in the processing industry today!

What is an evaporator and how is it used in the food industry?

An evaporator is a heat exchanger that is dedicated to the transfer of heat between two or more fluids.

For food processing generally, the entire evaporator is stainless steel.

Evaporators are a versatile piece of machinery that can be used in the food and beverage industry to reduce or eliminate microbes, extend shelf life for products, and ensure safety during manufacturing processes. An evaporator is also often utilized as an energy-efficient way to heat up or cool down products before filling them into cans/bottles or drying out excess water content from produce.

Certain evaporator designs are better suited to certain types of products. Factors including viscosity and particle size can help determine which type of exchanger is best for a given application.

Evaporators have the potential to solve three major industry challenges: maximizing run time, maintaining a clean facility, and meeting food trends.

How does a used industrial evaporator sound for your manufacturing process? If you’re interested in one of our used units, check out the inventory below. Want to sell your unit instead? Fill out this form right here!

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