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Can Seamer

Used can seamers of high quality can be obtained from CWR Resources.

What are can seamers, and how can they help your company?

A can seamer is a machine that seals the lid to the can’s body. The lid or “end” is typically made of tinplate steel, aluminum, or plastic, and the body is usually made of metal (like soda and soup cans), paperboard (whisky cans), or plastic.

The seam is made by mechanically overlapping the two layers in order to form a hook. The product to be canned would then be sealed in an airtight container.

Different hook parameters are monitored and measured to determine whether the seam is intact under different circumstances.

When the can is seaming, the seamer chuck holds the can while the rolls rotate around it. Initially, the fold line (end) is tightened using the first operation roll.

The first operation seam for avoiding wrinkles and leak problems is determined by the shape of the first operation roll and the second operation roll, as well as their positions and distances, lifter height, and lifter pressure. The double seam will be damaged or malfunctioned if the seamer or the seamer tool is damaged or malfunctioned such as bumps in the seam, wrinkles, sharp edges, and open seams.

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