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CWR Resources provides used case packer machinery of premium quality for industrial use.

Case packers offer a fast and easy way to get your products packaged up in no time. This equipment can speed up the entire process of packing cases with products so you don’t have to deal with it, freeing up more time for other tasks that need completing. The faster you ship out goods from storage, the quicker those payments come rolling in!

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your packing process, then don’t worry. There is an option available for whatever side of the spectrum you happen to be on: conventional or robotic case packers are designed in different styles and will fit any type of product that comes through your factory door—from boxes small enough to ship pens up to big ones capable of handling heavy machinery.

These are some of the most common case packers machinery:

Wrap-around case packer:

Wrapping around your products, a wrap-around case packer is a perfect choice for items that need delicate handling. Customizable to fit any shape or size needed by the company’s needs!

Horizontal case packers:

Horizontal case packers will allow you to easily package many shapes into a box, including circles. This is one of the more popular packing methods because it provides an easy way to fill in any gaps or empty spaces that might have been leftover from other packaging techniques. 

Horizontal case packers are often preferred by companies who enjoy efficiency and simplicity in their packaging process

Vertical shaped packer:

Packaging is a complex science and requires many different technologies to ensure the safety of delicate products. The vertical packer, for example, works well with fragile items because it takes little force to seal them safely inside without damaging any edges or corners that may be sensitive areas. So while there are plenty of options out there depending on what type you’re looking for, this one will work best if your product needs special handling.

Tray Packaging:

Tray Packers erect and fill trays of products by using a reciprocating feeder or series of lugs. They then can collate the product into the proper pack pattern, with the side-loaded tray being filled last once all other compartments are full. Once it is time to seal up their work, they have two options: either glue or tucking in for sealing purposes that will be sure to keep everything inside and leave no telltale signs of where each piece came from. The performance of a tray packer is measured in “Trays per Minute”. In most machines, a tray erector is integrated.

Drop Packer:

Drop Packers work in a wide variety of settings, but they’re mostly found on the assembly line. They can pick bottles from trays and place them into cases automatically with little human supervision required or interaction needed for these autonomous machines.


Short FAQ

What is a Case Packer?

Case packers are used in businesses to fill cases with products.

What Types of Case Packers Are Available?

There are both conventional case packers and robotic case packers available.

What is a Horizontal Case Packer?

Horizontal case packers will pack the goods into the case while it is lying on its side.

What is the best case packer?

A wrap-around case packer is great for products that may require gentler handling.


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